Monday, October 17, 2011





Thursday, October 6, 2011


hey guys, i do not what is going on about my broken pictures displayed on my blog.
is it my image properties problem or any else?

but anyway, i neglected my blog.
Not really have mood to blog. Sometimes feel like updating,but somehow nothing to write or can say that i have nothing to share.
Share my happiness?? or emo-ness?? I think the latter should be.

October will be my busy week. I should study hard to catch up my weak subject like biz finance!!!
My brain is just cant function well with math,biz theory all that !! Is it symbolize that i am not that KIRA person?? XD
ok, wanna to crictise something (someone).  
-/He/She really has no any other clothes to wear,is it? Everytime wearing the same clothes and pattern!!
- Everytime wanna act like angmoh !!! said DISLIKE TO TYPE CHINESE, DISLIKE CHINESE,DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH CHINESE bla bla bla,  The point is : sorry lo, your english not seems like very good and you speak chinese all the way !!! I confirm that you YOU YOU is more comfortable with CHINESE.
- Back stabbing people like you are innocent.. PUI....

and.....many many more~~ MANY MANY MORE !!!
really geram to talk about this person. 

ok,calm down.
bye =)