Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BATAM trip

kf : hey, i wanna go batam eh..
me : when o?? next weekend a?? i also wanna go eh..but my bf not free...
kf : next weekend la..23th and 24th la..2 days 1 night..
me : ok, on !! go ask other ppl..

ok well, our BATAM trip was decided within these few minutes. in the end, 4 of us were going for a short travel to nearby Batam,Indonesia. We are friends for more than 10 years,studied together,stayed together,however we never have a our own trip. This is the time and chance for us to meet meet although we all staying in Sg now.

this is our ferry - PENGUIN

simply like this pic~ ^^

After checking in to 89 Hotel,then we went to NAGOYA HILLS SHOPPING MALL to have our lunch and walk walk lo. It is simply many many many many many BRANDED things over there such as bags,clothes, shoes, digital and so on.

our left money after a half day travel~~
Had a poker game session and drinking part at night. =)

very obvious,right?? he is drunk !!!

POLAROIDS taken by my mini white 7s

Before going back to terminal, we went to a famous temple near Batam Center. We are so amazed by its gorgeous building.

A very VERY large TEMPLE !!!

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I really appreciated the time that we together, quite a long time we never travel together and had fun. 
I hope the bonding between us will stay long and stronger when time goes. Friends are always be there whenever we need them. 

Love u all, my friends. =)

Friday, July 1, 2011

260611 Museumssss

seems i abandoned this page for quite a long time. Let's do some updates !!!
Currently I am in sg,doing my lab research for August HK conference and also working part time lo.
Don't ask me  what HK conference,what kind of lab research and what is my job ~~ =)
I am just doing daily repetitious task--> data entry (although is different kind of data). I am always looking forward to weekends since i can wake up late and take a fresh breath outside NTU !!!! About my lab,have no comment.. 1 thing,my TA (Teaching Assistant) is a very pretty girl however so sad she is leaving soon...

My lab buddies !!! ^^
 Last Sunday went museums with Mr Cheng. I like this kind of dating rather than shopping shopping and shopping. My pocket just bleed a lot bcz of SHOPPING !! better don't ~~~
 Singapore Philatelic Museum is our first station. Emm, it is all about stamps,stamps and STAMPS !! still have those communication,messaging history all that. We are not stamp enthusiast and also not really understand those histories. But we had fun of taking pictures. hehe


cutie cutie little things ~~


the hat is too big for me la.. lolssss

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Old time post box !!

Next station, is Singapore Peranakan Museum. What is Peranakan??erm,is like baba and nyonya that we all know la.. There shows many galleries,such as food and fiesting,wedding,religion, clothings,lifestyle and so on. You will be amazed by their beadworks and jewelleries. =)

I think i am a failed wife then..


It is all made of tiny beads !!!

 erm,ok la, few pictures shown here only.
|I enjoyed the half day trip,act like a foreginer.

KamsaHamida Mr Cheng for the guiding and accompanying, Ah bek !!

p/s : actually now i am in office and working.. blekzzzzzz =P