Monday, December 27, 2010

POST EXAM + X'MAS celebrations!!

Haloooo everyone !!! How was your X'mas celebration??
I had my X'mas and also post exam celebrations together !!!
just from 23th to 25th, I enjoyed the days with him.

After that terrible micro exam, all coursemates have their own plans.
then bo bian lo.. i went back my own room and wait for the night !!

I cleaned my room finally~~ i was so happy that my desk is finally clean. =)
The night came, and we went ORCHARD, which is known as a place for 'X'mas Photo-Taking'.. >.<

As usual, we took photos around the big X'mas tree,but it is quite similiar as last year one.
Nothing much special leh..

inside the X'mas tree..


why ur face  is like so shy??!!

TO SEE !!!

Yup,we ate Bak Kut Teh as our dinner. It is first time I eat BKT in sg eh..
is quite nice actually,and he ate all the fats on the meat!!! i just eat those ribs.

quite delicious !!
Fei Si Ni..  XD

But we had fun ~~

so soft neh !!! wish to buy but my bed is full of toys now..

It is so cutieeee~~

The next day, I was shopping alone while he was working.
I enjoyed shopping alone actually, and I bought lots of things for my family and him..
the end,I did not buy anything for myself.

Bought all these to my nieces and nephew!!

During these few days, we ate a lot of nice foods !!!

Promoting my slipper lobster pasta~~~

everytime also this kind of face.. = .=''

hehe. spare ribs and shrimp!!


My X'mas gift.. thanks dear =p

Anyway, thank you very much to YOU !!!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

finish exam for yr2 sem1

today is 23rd  Dec, finally i am done with my exam..
so now free to do anything !!! first thing is to come back for blogging..

For this sem, my interest in tcm is getting deeper,especially the chinese medicine,
I do not know is it really interesting or I just like those memorizing module..
The preparation for exam of this sem : slack !!!!
I never be so slacked before my exam..
i never be so relaxed...
Don't know why leh...not because of i am well-prepared, not because of the modules are too easy..
is just somehow do not have to mood to mug,to chiong..
is it considered 看开了,豁达了??

I wonder how will be my result for this sem..I hope that it is satisfied and at least can pull my CGPA up up up !!!
I totally wasted my chance in my first sem, only thing that i can do is just try to pull other sems' GPA as much as i can !!!! but promised that no stress pressed on me..

just finished my microbiology exam.. thinking that cross my mind is just : DIE HARD !!
is not that i never read the notes,just the paper come out with those terrible questions which are can't be found in notes !!!!
I hate lecturers who called Peter, BS107 last time also like that..too much of similarities between 107 and 202..
lecturers called Peter ; 
lecture notes sucks ; 
lectures hypnosis enough ; 
exam at the last day ; 
all multiple answers ; 
questions are so difficult ;

But I hope that the result wont be same !!!!!!!!!!
Is it everyone who sat for micro also die like me???

Please bless me..

thanks to my dear is always by my side throughout my exam period,including bringing tong yun and supper for me.. 
looking forward to our holidays ~~