Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MAF - m'sian night - CA

mid -autumn festival of this year is quite different from last year one since last year i had my training on that day..
However, this year, I went to mid-autumn festival that organized by NTU chinese club..
met my OG and had fun with them~~

somemore, I have him who purposely came to my place right after his work to accompany me in this MAF..
we did something 'romantic' in Yunnan Garden of NTU~~ there is a long time since I played lantern..and this lantern is round in shape..haha..

ate many mooncakes this year la..still have somemore in my room..will finish it ASAp.. XD


yea, last saturday i spent my whole night time in attending Malaysian Night.
took quite a lot of pictures and continued 2nd round with my OG -LEVA..
feel that this year punya freshies is like different from previous year..don't know how to explain...
hmm, cant really compare malaysian night of this year with the merdeka night of last year..
i was so pretty impressed by last  year sketch and also the whole night programme flow..
but for this year,no comment.....

actually I don't feel like going at the first stage since monday will have my CA which require my brain 'memory cells' a lot!!! 
whereas I just unable to 'scan' all the things into my tiny little brain!!!!
in the end,I just gave myself a poor reason of I don't wan to miss any fun part of it and support MSA,then i just went.....aikz..

 he came back to have a look on the sketch..

 my OG LEVA~~

 LEVA leng lui-sss  XD

feel so happy to see he is alright and fine after the bad thing happened..
will be always support you ya!!

erm..i just had my tcm CA yesterday..what can i say is just ' DIE HARD ' la..
but chun huat told me that there is 5 stages of grief..i think i reached the highest stage which is just accept!! 
bo bian lo..
study hard,k??

No one is supposed to help you when you are in your own problem of laziness!!!

i don't like myself of being too stressed but don't be too slack also la!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

castle 。 spring

he said that,
our love supposed is like building castle, it will be getting higher and stronger when the time goes...
our love is not like a spring, once you let go the force,it will be going back to its starting position..

yes, i cant agree more about this..
more force that you enforce on spring,it of course will be stretched longer and longer..
once you remove the force,it will be go back to the starting,is like nothing happen before..
and i believe that our love is really like a castle,although the process is slow and hard..
but it will be not be ruined so easily by wind or water..
as long as you protect it carefully and nicely..

recently quite stressed since studies load burdened on my shoulder..
life is all about stress,vexation and dilemma...
dilemma ---> vexation ----> stress

but do not forget 
it is so happen or i rather to believe that it is the purpose for the God ( people)  to create this word..

P/s : go back to mug already.I should mug harder since activities are waiting for me~~

Monday, September 20, 2010

be grateful..

now is 11.54pm of 19th sept...
my second sister is gonna give birth her baby girl soon...
wish them blessed..

after my birthday, i just continue my busy uni life at ntu...
attending all the classes,lab and tutorials,
no matter how tired I am or whether I am willing to do so or not..
I just do not wish to skip any classes,somehow I may feel guilty if i skip any..
study,study and study..
the uni life is like nothing else except studies????
no..there are still many enjoyable things ,
such as gathering,dinner, hanging around with coursemates
although such activities assuming my study time,
but i always spend my time on them..

last but not least,of course is my 'third major'..
he is just willing to accompany me no matter how tired he is..
come to me all the way just after his working..rush here rush there..
since i just want to stay in my own room..
sometimes i do really feel sorry to make him so tiring..
seriously touched by his effort..

I know that I made you in dilemma sometimes,
I know that I have to be more mature after my 21st birthday,
I know that you are putting great effort in our relationship,
I know that you are getting tired from your working..

whenever you feel tired,can just lie and rest on my shoulder,
because nothing that I know besides that you are my boyfriend,
 my partner and 

My love..

Pei tsan, 
you should always tell yourself that

" be grateful of whatever you having now"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

女人。 另一个女人





Monday, September 13, 2010

♥ 21st bday ♥


very very thanks to all the celebrations and also wishes..
i replied to all the wishes until fb blocked me from commenting!!!
 how sad is it!! luckily is just for 1 day..

on my bday,he gave me the present at 12am..
is an ESPIRIT watch!!!!!
this watch appears at the right time since my previous watch spoilt already..
however he bought the watch 3 months ago!!! he can predict that i need a watch on my bday??
moreover,he gave me 3 SK pearl bracelets,they are so so beautiful and charming~~

before we going out,must take pictures first de ma..hehe


he brought me go to 板长寿司to have our dinner..
food there is damn nice and we really enjoyed it so much!!! 

we took many many nice pictures leh..
and i bought a pair of Anna Nucci heals to myself,but is persuaded by him punya la..

He did not bought me a cake but a COLD ROCKS birthday ice-cream to me..


is a really nice nice memories to us!!!

I love the gift~~~
I love the food!!!
I love the feeling~~~
I love the celebrations!!!
I love the pictures~~~
I love the memories!!!!!!!!
and of course


~~♥ XOXO ♥~~

Friday, September 10, 2010

random shots..

random stuffs random shots!!!!!!!!!

recently I am using photofiltre to edit my pictures,but i am just editing its brightness and add some text..
so addicted to it as it is more simple than that of photoshop.. hehe
after editing,the pictures look so attractive,right???

I just love mugging!!!

noob look!!!




my pre-bday celebration

friday is hari raya,saturday is my bday~~~
since there is no sch tomorrow and many friends will be going back home also,so they planned bday celebration to me today..

yeah~~ I went through 2 bday celebrations today..
during daytime, my lovely LEFTIES (classmates who always sit at the left side in the classroom) celebrated my bday during our break time!!!
i am so surprised that chee how appeared and with a cake and balloons bought by him.. since he lied on me that he overslept and will not attend the class..
colourful balloons with their wishes wrote on it is so adorable and attractive..
we go da bao our lunch at canA,there was so many people keep looking at me and my BALLOONS!!!
and of course many people that i do not know wished me also.. ^^



when the next lecture started,whole class sing bday song to me also,they thought today is my actual bday..anyway,very very thanks la!!!!!

lefties  XD

2nd, it was 11pm and i was preparing to go yamcha with choon chieh them since promised ady..then so sudden that i received so much bday msg at the same time..while i was busy replying their msg (want to tell them that my bday is on 911 la) , somemone knocked my door and i was scared by chee peng...  @.@

the corridor was full of friends and they were celebrating my early bday also..most of them came from new halls which are quite far from my room..
after that,of course was the ah fang yamcha session~~~
so regrettable that we did not take pictures just now...  =(

I was surprised by them and there is only thank you and thank you again to them..
You all seriously are so lovely~~
NTU is full of fun with you all around me..


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

miss u

there is only few days not to meet u..
i gonna study,u gonna work..
i know that the challenge will be getting harsh when i go to China..

sometimes is just do not wish to disturb u..
sometimes is just afraid of telling u about my feeling..
sometimes is just let lonely killing me slowly..
sometimes is just burying my grievance..
sometimes is just trying to enjoy the uni life without u..
sometimes is just wish that u are right here beside me..

anyway, i just wan to tell u that..


p/s : love u dear..

Monday, September 6, 2010


the end of FOC but is just a beginning of another new uni life chapter..
actually i learnt quite a lot of things throughout the preparation of FOC and also this whole year..
although Malaysia now is in a mess but Malaysians who are studying in overseas still willing to help Malaysians..there is only one reason for it,that is we are sharing the same identity no matter which states are we come from..

MSA is a place that let those Malaysians to feel warm and also a way to release their homesick.Besides can make more and more friends,I believe that they felt more attributive in MSA FOC..
Just hope that they can help their juniors as what seniors helped them at the starting point of their NTU life..
Thanks to everyone that made effort to FOC and made a success!!!!

Other than that,I spent my first whole week in FOC preparation and i neglect my studies.. I am left much much much more behind now!!!!!!  Anyway,I should believe in myself that I can make it!!! 
"The more hardship that i endured,
 the stronger I am !!! "

p/s : miss him.. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

keep the FOC spirit on!!!

yes..it is 2am now...
it was the end of FOC day 1 and of course i just get back to my room..
although is a long long night with a lot of programmes were going on,but i believe that we were enjoying the process..
we cheers a lot,we have our fun..
feel quite comfort when see most of the freshies and also seniors get 'higher' and 'higher' when the time goes on..

tomorrow(today) have to wake up at 6am,means that  just left 4 sleeping hours!!!!!!!!!
Amazing race will be going on which we will bring freshies go out of NTU and play station games that set around the Singapore...
ya...have to walk a long long distance....

whatever it is,just keep the FOC spirit on....we work hard for almost 1 year is just for these 3 days camp..
let's jia you!!!!!!!!

p/s : feeling now is quite happy although i m physically tired now..

Friday, September 3, 2010

thinkings now!!

it's 12.39am now...
but I am still awake since I just came back to my room and of course have to bathe bla bla..
today will be the day 1 of FOC..ya..very very soon the FOC will be over also..
be frankly,i do not really enjoy this FOC?? may be just because it is during school week which I have a lot a lot of classes since first week...
during this whole week,i totally neglect my studies and the most important one is the tcm module..the teacher teach so pretty fast but i totahave no time to revise the notes!!!!  other than that, I have no any idea for my microbiology and also anatomy modules....
hope that i can catch them back ASAP!!!!!!!
ya,sure can one~~~as long as i have the determination to study and answer the curiousity...

hungry now leh...but i have brushed my teeth..sienzz sia......

wait my hair getting dry then i will sleep lo~~~
 have to keep and recharge my energy for later FOC...
it's gonna be a LONG LONG night~~~

jia you everyone!!!!!
i know that everyone is doing a great job which is considered some 'contributions' to our country,Malaysia!!!
remember, we are malaysians which study in singapore~~

and last thing...
i miss him..