Friday, July 30, 2010

working for NTU Convocation 2010

throughout the whole July, I have been working for NTU Convocation. There is my first time to be working in office,that is Alumni Affairs Office (AAO).

However,since I am just a temporarily student helper,so I just do some simple things such as packing envelope,goodies, or graduates' alumni card.

I have met some nice friends there.They all are seniors,I am the only 1st year student there.
Is a really pretty simple thingy,we just pack those things without killing any brain cells.
Or may be I can say it is non-challenging at all.
BUT WE ENJOY~~ because we can watch drama,listen to songs,chit-chatting while completing our tasks.

during this whole week (26/7-31/7),is NTU graduation of class of 2010. I am working there also as a AAO helper. I do really appreciate this working chance since I learnt quite a lot of things that inject more confidence into me.
Nice working with those friends also.

tomorrow will be my last day of working for convo week.Is a long day also.
Anyway,I enjoy it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

new feature of my blog

Surprise to see a new feature of my blog???
ya,i just changed those template,background bla bla bla yesterday night.
hope to make my blog more adorable and also colourful, no longer blog post in only black and white or grey colour..
i added many gadgets like music,blog list somemore..
although i know that it is an easy task for many people,but i am still feel so proud of my REBORN blog..

i know there is not much blog post updated by me,since sometimes i am seriously very very lazy to write my feeling or thinking..
sometimes i may feel that it is not necessary to express your personal feeling in blog and hope other people will see it..
but if i think another way round,may be it is a good way to convey my ups and downs..

wish more to come~~

Friday, July 16, 2010

may be

when i am still enjoying my sweetness with you,i am just drop from a high sky to the bottom..
no matter how i persuaded myself,i just feel pointless and helpless..
may be there should be a misunderstanding...
may be there should be a miscommunication...
may be is my suspicious thinkings..
may be there is just a coincidence...
may be may be..
there are a lot of may be-s...

the most correct MAY BE should be...
MAY BE i should not be so observant..
MAY BE i should just take it like a joke..
MAY BE i should just blind my eyes..

i swallow the disappointment when i know that you were flirting...
is not a fresh issue..
once and once again..
finally,u disappointed me again...

my fault...