Monday, December 27, 2010

POST EXAM + X'MAS celebrations!!

Haloooo everyone !!! How was your X'mas celebration??
I had my X'mas and also post exam celebrations together !!!
just from 23th to 25th, I enjoyed the days with him.

After that terrible micro exam, all coursemates have their own plans.
then bo bian lo.. i went back my own room and wait for the night !!

I cleaned my room finally~~ i was so happy that my desk is finally clean. =)
The night came, and we went ORCHARD, which is known as a place for 'X'mas Photo-Taking'.. >.<

As usual, we took photos around the big X'mas tree,but it is quite similiar as last year one.
Nothing much special leh..

inside the X'mas tree..


why ur face  is like so shy??!!

TO SEE !!!

Yup,we ate Bak Kut Teh as our dinner. It is first time I eat BKT in sg eh..
is quite nice actually,and he ate all the fats on the meat!!! i just eat those ribs.

quite delicious !!
Fei Si Ni..  XD

But we had fun ~~

so soft neh !!! wish to buy but my bed is full of toys now..

It is so cutieeee~~

The next day, I was shopping alone while he was working.
I enjoyed shopping alone actually, and I bought lots of things for my family and him..
the end,I did not buy anything for myself.

Bought all these to my nieces and nephew!!

During these few days, we ate a lot of nice foods !!!

Promoting my slipper lobster pasta~~~

everytime also this kind of face.. = .=''

hehe. spare ribs and shrimp!!


My X'mas gift.. thanks dear =p

Anyway, thank you very much to YOU !!!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

finish exam for yr2 sem1

today is 23rd  Dec, finally i am done with my exam..
so now free to do anything !!! first thing is to come back for blogging..

For this sem, my interest in tcm is getting deeper,especially the chinese medicine,
I do not know is it really interesting or I just like those memorizing module..
The preparation for exam of this sem : slack !!!!
I never be so slacked before my exam..
i never be so relaxed...
Don't know why leh...not because of i am well-prepared, not because of the modules are too easy..
is just somehow do not have to mood to mug,to chiong..
is it considered 看开了,豁达了??

I wonder how will be my result for this sem..I hope that it is satisfied and at least can pull my CGPA up up up !!!
I totally wasted my chance in my first sem, only thing that i can do is just try to pull other sems' GPA as much as i can !!!! but promised that no stress pressed on me..

just finished my microbiology exam.. thinking that cross my mind is just : DIE HARD !!
is not that i never read the notes,just the paper come out with those terrible questions which are can't be found in notes !!!!
I hate lecturers who called Peter, BS107 last time also like that..too much of similarities between 107 and 202..
lecturers called Peter ; 
lecture notes sucks ; 
lectures hypnosis enough ; 
exam at the last day ; 
all multiple answers ; 
questions are so difficult ;

But I hope that the result wont be same !!!!!!!!!!
Is it everyone who sat for micro also die like me???

Please bless me..

thanks to my dear is always by my side throughout my exam period,including bringing tong yun and supper for me.. 
looking forward to our holidays ~~ 

Saturday, November 27, 2010


There is 20 days i was away from my blog. Is just anyhow lazy to type.

share something to you.
These things distracted me from studying although my final exam is just around the corner.
I was wasting my time on doing nothing while the whole world is working hard.

If you can't see the turning lady,then go to this link.

If you see this lady turning clockwise you are using your right brain.
If you see her turning anti-clockwise, you are using your left brain.
Some people can see her turning both ways, but most people see her only one way.
See if you can make her go one way and then the other by shifting the brain’s current.
If you can switch between seeing her turn either way at will without shifting your gaze, your IQ is above 160 … which is almost at genius level!

Thanks to that noisy Cecelia for this distraction!!!!

Other than that, I keep youtube-ing looking for 'ice kacang puppy love' videos..
I watched this movie before and i seriously like this video so much.
The reason is just so easy, Because it is made in Malaysia and i like the feeling in the movie..
I like the kampung scene which is exactly so familiar to me.
I grow up in the small town, but i feel lucky that i grow up in such a small town..
Do you know that ah-niu and Lee Xin Jie are grow up in a small town also??
I miss my young time,I miss my hometown friends.
There is seriously a long long time i never meet with them..
I like the song so much although it is an old song.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

tired des...

last thursday, i rushed back malaysia right after my anatomy CA for my only 3 days holidays..
everyone was going back hometown during recess week but i wasn't because of that terrible tcm diagnosis final exam paper followed by physio n anatomy CAs...
i do really feel very very tired on studying..i m sick of sg stressful lifestyle..or may be i m making a difference on studying this double degree..
sometimes i suspect on my determination and confidence in doing this course..

i did not really relax when i went back since actually most of the time i spent on traveling...
from sg to kl,from kl to kp,from kp to sban,from sban to sg again...
did not shopping at all..1 thing that i did is cutting my hair...
now i m back to short hair appearance...i do not know that whether i like it or not..just wish to change a new look or may be a new mood..hope this hairstyle may bring me new energy and luck..

new look~~

just now i really can feel the 'stuck' in custom..all people are rushing,and they showed malaysian pattern as in pushing each other and never queue up when boarding bus or waiting taxi...

p/s : is seriously beli beli tired to rest...and i missing my boy..he is still in malaysia...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

truth of love

yes,i am still here for now..
hmm..what am i seriously doing now?? 
is studying or slacking?? whatever..but i read something not bad but a bit long..
take your time to read it (if u have much free time)..

 May be these are the truth of love..

Avoid three forms of  romantic love 
'dead ends'
Use sex for emotional intimacy,not reassurance.
Use love to create and maintain happy,loving relationship.

Are You Confused About Being Angry with the One You Love?
    Do You Want to Take the Fear Out of Being Close?
Mary and John's story is familiar.
"I hate you -- get out of my life!" she said when he finally arrived.
 She was furious about his coming home two hours late to a 
cold dinner on the table. The candles had burned out, and 
she ate alone. This was not the first time he stood her up. 
You'd think she would learn! 
(You'd think he would learn!)

She loved him so much she was enraged, and told him she wanted
divorce and for him to leave and never come back! Obviously to John,
Mary no longer loved him, so he left, hurt and upset, and spent the night
elsewhere. Mary was even more hurt from his staying away all night.

Of course, she loved him very much. She understood that.
But how could she love him and hate him at the same 
time? She wondered, and he wondered, and with no clear
answer they drifted apart.

She didn't understand that love is more than a feeling of pleasure. Love is also an emotional
 investment. Mary's anger meant that John was very important to herOtherwise she
wouldn't care at all. Anger is an inevitable feeling in any relationship . . . 
but you have to know how to use the energy to turn upsets into opportunities.

The truth is, many people are confused about how to have a close relationship that works. . . .
. . .and no wonder. . .

There are thousands of families out there that model for their kids how not to be loving
with their husband or wife. They may want to know the "Secret of loving
 relationships ". . . but all they can do is the best they learned from their own parents
about how to get along with others. . . .

Love Means Treating Others Well

How to have harmonious relationships is not a mystery. The first meaning of love has to do
with how you treat the person you care about. Creating a close, loving relationship is not
actually so difficult to understand! How to do it can be learned. In fact, it has to be learned
by everyone who knows how to sanctify their relationship rather than pollute it.

-Anyone can do it, and there is no need to sit at the feet of a "guru," spend thousands
   on training workshops, or give up and settle for doing without the love you want.. .
It all comes down to the simple, basic rules of listening, understanding, and
   empathizing with what is important to your loved one. Once you understand how 
   treating others in loving ways works, your relationship cannot fail because of you.

Now, here's a book about the meaning of love that will show you the foundation on which to
build a deeply caring relationship . . .

The Meaning of Love is based on the proven principles and methods that are currently being
used by those couples who succeed in their relationships. The other 55% who fail in their
marriages use the methods that poison and destroy their relationships.

Love Means Pleasure
When couples treat each other well, they delight in each other, and love means 
           pleasure, deep emotional enjoyment of each other.

 -Sexual pleasure is only that, and does not create emotional intimacy. You
    don't have to settle for temporary enjoyment as all you can have. You can go
    beyond to find the emotional satisfaction that you've always wanted.

- Don't waste time thinking sex is the answer. Learn from what others know . . .
   that acceptance and affirmation of oneself and others creates the emotional delight
    that can be expressed with sex.

The experts who understand what works have one thing in common. . . they know that
couples who succeed have the same problems as couples who fail. . .
the difference is in how they deal with their problems when they are not enjoying each other.
Does your husband or wife (or significant other):
  • Criticize you about little things?
  • Seem less interested in you than before?
  • Put you off when it comes to physical contact?
   Here is a manual that tells you exactly what others do to get the positive results that you
   want in your own relationship.
   You don't have to figure it all out on your own from scratch.

    You have a description of what really works and what doesn't when it comes to close,
    emotionally satisfying, loving relationships.

Love Means Caring: Emotional Investment
Sharing life activities and personal information creates intimacy and
          emotional connection.

 Over time, caring grows and your emotional investment in the other deepens, even when
 all is not "rosy" and pleasurable. We love because we find our emotional match in the other
 person, that which makes us feel more whole. We have found a "soul mate" and gradually
 become more and more emotionally and spiritually connected to the other person.
Fear is what gets in the way of caring. But you don't have to suffer in silence. 
      Using the principles in this book, you can reverse what may seem irreversible,
  • Fear of asking for what you want.
  • Finding yourself reacting defensively when you don't want to do so.
  • Being critical of your partner or yourself.
  • Attempting to control your partner.
  • Fear of being rejected. 
      You Can Make Your Relationship More Loving -- 
The Meaning of Love explains how love based on need fulfillment usually
          has serious limitations, but identifies the one need we should continue to nurture. . .

p/s : thanks for spending your time to read. back to mugging... ^^ 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


after my TCM diagnostic final exam, we celebrated our 'half day' recess week by watching movie 'The Town' and eating Crystal Jade Xiao Loong Bao !!!
with lefties,i feel a feeling of ascription  and we had fun together no matter in class or wherever..
because of lefties, my uni life is not as miscerable by only studying studying and studying..

but now,i have to continue my mugging every week,everyday,every hour or even every second....
more and more CAs are waiting for me..
but after the tcm final,i have no mood to study at all...
physio,anatomy...i know they are interesting topics...however,is just that..

started traditional chinese Medicine module..the only one thing that i want to do is..
i have lots of things to be memorized however my little brain just cant absorb too much..
Sometimes,i blame myself that why I am not a genius???!!!!!!!!

However, everything happen on its reason..
i know the reason of the problems,then of course i have to solve it...

ok..i have to STUDY!!!!

p/s: lazy to upload pics here..time is precious..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


在这时间,我该睡觉了。。这几天,随着月经来潮,终于能清楚了解何谓血虚了。。今天还去做了blood test ,真的是血虚到不行。。


好想一把火烧了它们。。一直上fb stalk 别人,发现许多东西,但还是无聊。。


recess week 了,没上课,朋友都回家了。。剩下可怜的我,拼命地为中诊final奋斗。。



Sunday, October 17, 2010

dear god..

what happen to me these few days??
words that keep appear in my mind is just emo,emo and emo..

is it because of period??? my damn estrogen and progesterone are doing a very good job now????
is it because of exam?? my stress is like a silent killer,killing me slowly without my consciousness??
is it because of my stupid brain??? i just cant key-in all the notes into my tiny little pity brain????
is it because of homesick??? i just feel like going back msia and dun care whatever over here??
is it because of the feeling of loneliness??? staying in single room for the whole day is actually damn damn sienz..somemore i never play whatever games!!!!
is it because of slacking?? the feeling slack on fb-ing keep me feel guity but nothing i can do!!!! i tried shut down my com and finally end up sleep on bed!!! wth!!!!!!!

dear god,please please please let me get things done and get them prepared!!!!
i know that actually i have lots of time to complete my target,just do not let me waste any precious time,k??
time doesn't flow like a river,it flows VERY FAST...

dear god,please please please bless me....

Thursday, October 14, 2010


today is 141010,but i wanna post a post about my 101010..

is a nice date to the whole world,and also us,since that day was our 1st anniversary..^^
i prepared his gift few weeks ago,is a hand-made small booklet and a glass piano..
i spent much time on the hand-made but is seriously i have to admit that i do not have any artistic cells in my body but i am creative..hehe..

finally,101010 reached and i received gift from him also..SK necklace..maybe you would say SK again???haha..but i like the necklace so much!!!! muackzzz!!!!

after we went to his colleague's wedding kenduri then we went to vivo city lo~~
A very very surprise thing is that he bought me a bunny which is from 'built a bear'..
i never go in before and we built our own bear there..

we put cotton inside the bear,bathed him, chose costume to him and also did his birth cert!!!!
'vivalive' is born!!!! (he said that he prefers son wo..)

daddy bring u go gai gai~~

a big yoshi for him as he always think of..
almost as big as my baby pooh.. XD

we took a lot of pictures on the roof top of vivocity~~ we played with yoshi and vava..

vava's shoes

yoshi n vava hugging~~

vava riding yoshi!!

although our celebration is quite childish but is sweet..
i do really like the feeling to be together with you and i appreciate all the time with you..
there is 1 year already that we have been going through,many ups and downs shared,
many feelings tried and one thing that i found that is getting more and more in myself is


towards you

happy 1st anniversary,dear

Monday, October 4, 2010


i seldom listen to her songs..but i like this song and the lyrics..
because of my coursemate,he likes her very very much..
i feel that her songs quite not bad also..


another song,i feel the lyrics quite meaningful also..made me homesick..
there is a time i din call back home..
so sorry...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

study . slack

i hate monday..i hate friday..i hate weekdays..
just that i have to go to school everyday for 830 classes until evening...
school is entering 6th week,more CAs are coming and of course my tcm final..
stressed stressed stressed...
no matter the stress is come from where,I just feel stressed..
i thought i can study more during weekends..
but in fact i did not do so..
i just slack slack slack...
fb-ing,drama-ing, sleeping and just doing nothing productive..
just do not feel like come a???
who can help me in motivating me to study and increase my memorizing skill?????

in uni,i started to suspect myself about the studying skill and the efficiency..

he always say that, studying is not only for exam,or can say that the exam result is actually does not mean everything..
for students studying tcm,should earn your knowledge to save people's life,but is not keep competing with each other..
i cant agree more on this,but the reality is still have not get used of this 'principle'..
give me more time,
i will apply principle in one day..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MAF - m'sian night - CA

mid -autumn festival of this year is quite different from last year one since last year i had my training on that day..
However, this year, I went to mid-autumn festival that organized by NTU chinese club..
met my OG and had fun with them~~

somemore, I have him who purposely came to my place right after his work to accompany me in this MAF..
we did something 'romantic' in Yunnan Garden of NTU~~ there is a long time since I played lantern..and this lantern is round in shape..haha..

ate many mooncakes this year la..still have somemore in my room..will finish it ASAp.. XD


yea, last saturday i spent my whole night time in attending Malaysian Night.
took quite a lot of pictures and continued 2nd round with my OG -LEVA..
feel that this year punya freshies is like different from previous year..don't know how to explain...
hmm, cant really compare malaysian night of this year with the merdeka night of last year..
i was so pretty impressed by last  year sketch and also the whole night programme flow..
but for this year,no comment.....

actually I don't feel like going at the first stage since monday will have my CA which require my brain 'memory cells' a lot!!! 
whereas I just unable to 'scan' all the things into my tiny little brain!!!!
in the end,I just gave myself a poor reason of I don't wan to miss any fun part of it and support MSA,then i just went.....aikz..

 he came back to have a look on the sketch..

 my OG LEVA~~

 LEVA leng lui-sss  XD

feel so happy to see he is alright and fine after the bad thing happened..
will be always support you ya!!

erm..i just had my tcm CA yesterday..what can i say is just ' DIE HARD ' la..
but chun huat told me that there is 5 stages of grief..i think i reached the highest stage which is just accept!! 
bo bian lo..
study hard,k??

No one is supposed to help you when you are in your own problem of laziness!!!

i don't like myself of being too stressed but don't be too slack also la!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

castle 。 spring

he said that,
our love supposed is like building castle, it will be getting higher and stronger when the time goes...
our love is not like a spring, once you let go the force,it will be going back to its starting position..

yes, i cant agree more about this..
more force that you enforce on spring,it of course will be stretched longer and longer..
once you remove the force,it will be go back to the starting,is like nothing happen before..
and i believe that our love is really like a castle,although the process is slow and hard..
but it will be not be ruined so easily by wind or water..
as long as you protect it carefully and nicely..

recently quite stressed since studies load burdened on my shoulder..
life is all about stress,vexation and dilemma...
dilemma ---> vexation ----> stress

but do not forget 
it is so happen or i rather to believe that it is the purpose for the God ( people)  to create this word..

P/s : go back to mug already.I should mug harder since activities are waiting for me~~

Monday, September 20, 2010

be grateful..

now is 11.54pm of 19th sept...
my second sister is gonna give birth her baby girl soon...
wish them blessed..

after my birthday, i just continue my busy uni life at ntu...
attending all the classes,lab and tutorials,
no matter how tired I am or whether I am willing to do so or not..
I just do not wish to skip any classes,somehow I may feel guilty if i skip any..
study,study and study..
the uni life is like nothing else except studies????
no..there are still many enjoyable things ,
such as gathering,dinner, hanging around with coursemates
although such activities assuming my study time,
but i always spend my time on them..

last but not least,of course is my 'third major'..
he is just willing to accompany me no matter how tired he is..
come to me all the way just after his working..rush here rush there..
since i just want to stay in my own room..
sometimes i do really feel sorry to make him so tiring..
seriously touched by his effort..

I know that I made you in dilemma sometimes,
I know that I have to be more mature after my 21st birthday,
I know that you are putting great effort in our relationship,
I know that you are getting tired from your working..

whenever you feel tired,can just lie and rest on my shoulder,
because nothing that I know besides that you are my boyfriend,
 my partner and 

My love..

Pei tsan, 
you should always tell yourself that

" be grateful of whatever you having now"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

女人。 另一个女人





Monday, September 13, 2010

♥ 21st bday ♥


very very thanks to all the celebrations and also wishes..
i replied to all the wishes until fb blocked me from commenting!!!
 how sad is it!! luckily is just for 1 day..

on my bday,he gave me the present at 12am..
is an ESPIRIT watch!!!!!
this watch appears at the right time since my previous watch spoilt already..
however he bought the watch 3 months ago!!! he can predict that i need a watch on my bday??
moreover,he gave me 3 SK pearl bracelets,they are so so beautiful and charming~~

before we going out,must take pictures first de ma..hehe


he brought me go to 板长寿司to have our dinner..
food there is damn nice and we really enjoyed it so much!!! 

we took many many nice pictures leh..
and i bought a pair of Anna Nucci heals to myself,but is persuaded by him punya la..

He did not bought me a cake but a COLD ROCKS birthday ice-cream to me..


is a really nice nice memories to us!!!

I love the gift~~~
I love the food!!!
I love the feeling~~~
I love the celebrations!!!
I love the pictures~~~
I love the memories!!!!!!!!
and of course


~~♥ XOXO ♥~~

Friday, September 10, 2010

random shots..

random stuffs random shots!!!!!!!!!

recently I am using photofiltre to edit my pictures,but i am just editing its brightness and add some text..
so addicted to it as it is more simple than that of photoshop.. hehe
after editing,the pictures look so attractive,right???

I just love mugging!!!

noob look!!!